Shipping and Charges

Orders are shipped after payment is received.

Shipping costs are including packing and administration fees


Goods may by agreement, will be collected from the abc4IT GmbH

Collection 15.00 CHF

Shipping in Switzerland

In Switzerland are following shipping costs

up to 250g 10.00 CHF
up to 15Kg 20.00 CHF
up to 30Kg 30.00 CHF

Shipping to foreign countries

Foreign countries zone 1
(Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands)

up to 2Kg 54.90 CHF
up to 5kg 64.90 CHF
up to 10kg 69.90 CHF
up to 15kg 79.90 CHF
up to 25kg 89.90 CHF
up to 20kg 94.90 CHF
up to 30Kg 99.90 CHF

Foreign countries zone 2
(Finland, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom)

up to 2Kg 59.90 CHF
up to 5kg 74.90 CHF
up to 10kg 89.90 CHF
up to 15kg 104.90 CHF
up to 25kg 114.90 CHF
up to 20kg 134.90 CHF
up to 30Kg 144.90 CHF

Foreign countries zone 3
(United States)

up to 2Kg 64.90 CHF
up to 5kg 84.90 CHF
up to 10kg 114.90 CHF
up to 15kg 139.90 CHF
up to 25kg 174.90 CHF
up to 20kg 194.90 CHF
up to 30Kg 219.90 CHF

* incl. tax, plus shipping